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Preparing for a New Kitten

March 01, 2016

Have you decided to adopt a new kitten? Congratulations! Getting a new pet is a fun and exciting time. You’re starting out on a beautiful journey of love and friendship with your tiny furball. In order to get little Fluffy started out on the right paw, you’ll want to have everything ready for her in advance. Below, a local Lansing, MI vet discusses getting ready for a new kitten.


Before you bring your adorable new furbaby home, you’ll need to do a bit of shopping. Little Fluffy will need food and water dishes, a bed, and, of course, lots of fun toys. A good diet is very important, so ask your vet for specific recommendations as far as food. You’ll also need a kitten-sized litterbox and litter. Avoid clay and/or clumping litter formulas until your furry friend is a bit older, as these can be dangerous for baby felines. Last but not least, kitty furniture and/or a scratching post are also beneficial. We recommend putting all of these things in a quiet back room, so your kitten can have a peaceful, comfy place to enjoy while she settles in.


Kittens are nothing if not curious. Your furry adventurer will want to explore every nook and cranny of her new domain, and figure out what she can and can’t play with. To keep little Fluffy safe, you’ll need to do some kittenproofing. Remove or secure wires and cords; toxic plants; plastic bags and wrappers; and any small items, such as craft kit pieces, that could present a choking hazard. You’ll also want to keep medicine, household cleaners, and chemicals in secure places. Make sure your doors, screens and windows close securely, and seal off any openings behind or beneath furniture and cabinets. We also recommend keeping major appliances, such as dryers and toilets, closed when they aren’t in use.

Veterinary Care

When your feline friend is grown up, she may only need to see the vet once a year, but she’ll need several veterinary appointments while she’s little. Vaccinations, exams, microchipping, parasite control, and spay/neuter surgery are all in order. Ask your vet to recommend a specific appointment schedule.

Congratulations on your new pet! We look forward to watching your tiny furball grow into a happy, healthy adult. Please contact us, your Lansing, MI animal clinic, for all of your kitten’s veterinary care needs.