How to Respond to Cat Drool in Lansing, MI

How to Respond to Cat Drool in Lansing, MI

If you’ve had a cat for any amount of time, you know how strange their behavior can be. Even by spending just a few minutes with a cat, you’ll see their strange and unique personalities. One of the weirder things you might notice your cat doing is drooling. Dogs drooling is expected and it’s nothing we even think about. But a cat? That seems pretty odd. So why does a cat drool and what can we do to stop it?

Causes of Cat Drool

There are several reasons that your cat could be drooling. Some are considered “normal” and some are a cause for concern. The most ideal situation is that they’re happy or relaxed. You might notice some drool while you and your cat or snuggling or while you’re petting her.


Cats that knead your tummy or a blanket are more likely to be droolers because the kneading comes from when they were kittens. As babies, they will knead their mama’s tummy to stimulate milk production so the drool is likely from the anticipation of milk.

Stress or Anxiety

Another normal reason is because of extreme stress or anxiety. This could be due to a visit to the vet or travelling. If the drooling is accompanied by wide eyes, a low stance, flattened ears, and hissing it’s likely that your cat is just upset and it’s fight or flight response is kicking in. Drooling could also be due to too many tooth extractions and an abnormal dental confirmation. There’s really nothing that can be done when the reason for drooling is happiness or dental issues. If it’s stress, just comfort your kitty the best you can. Your vet can also prescribe medicine to calm your cat in stressful situations. You can give the pill about 30 minutes before getting in the car or doing whatever activity is stressful.

Cat Drooling in Lansing, MI Could be a Health Issue

However, there are also diseases and health issues that can lead to drooling. If you notice chronic drooling and it doesn’t appear that your cat is either happy or stressed, you might want to call your vet since it could be one of these health issues.

Dental Disease

A main reason for drooling could be dental disease. Periodontal disease affects up to 85% of cats over the age of three and can cause a myriad of issues. Gingivitis and periodontitis are the inflammation of tissue and disease affecting the ligaments. Both of these can cause drooling. To prevent periodontal diseases, feed your cat at least some dry food and try and brush their teeth regularly. If you have a very problematic cat that absolutely refuses to cooperate, you can have your vet professionally clean them every couple of weeks.

Toxins or Medication

Toxins and medications are another cause of drooling. If your cat gets into your cleaning supplies or any other toxin, it could easily lead to drooling. Additionally, cats tend to nibble on plants. Make sure that you don’t keep any poisonous plants in the house like lilies or poinsettias. Pain killers and other drugs can also cause drooling as a side effect. If the medication isn’t something your vet prescribed or if your cat ate something toxic, call your vet immediately.

Tumors, Trauma and Other Diseases

Tumors, trauma, and other diseases can lead to drooling as well. When your cat has a tumor in their mouth, one of the symptoms is drooling. If your cat has had trauma of the mouth like a broken jaw or broken teeth, there could be some drooling. Drooling is also a symptom of gastrointestinal disease, kidney disease, liver disease, and neurological disease.

Concerned About Your Cat’s Drooling in Lansing, MI?

It can be overwhelming to hear that there could be so many serious issues that are causing your cat to drool. However, more than likely, your kitty is content or just overly stressed. If you notice any additional concerns or symptoms, call (517) 393-8010 and talk to your vet at Pennsylvania Veterinary Care about what you’re seeing. They can help you decide if this is a real problem that they need to help you treat. Drooling is just another one of those strange behaviors that your cat has. You can’t stop it unless you treat the underlying cause and you absolutely can’t stop it if it’s because they’re happy! Just embrace the drool!

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