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Health Checklist for Your New Kitten

March 01, 2018

Are you thinking of adding a new kitten to your home in the near future? Perhaps a lovable ball of fur wandered into your yard and you’re planning on adopting it. If you’re about to be the owner of a kitten companion, read on to find out about the key steps you’ll need to take to ensure your new addition’s health and happiness. Kitty’s First Check-Up Whether your kitten has come from a shelter or … Read More »

Preparing for a New Kitten

March 01, 2016

Have you decided to adopt a new kitten? Congratulations! Getting a new pet is a fun and exciting time. You’re starting out on a beautiful journey of love and friendship with your tiny furball. In order to get little Fluffy started out on the right paw, you’ll want to have everything ready for her in advance. Below, a local Lansing, MI vet discusses getting ready for a new kitten. Shopping Before you bring your adorable … Read More »