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6 Reasons to Play With Your Dog Daily

6 Reasons to Play With Your Dog Daily

July 01, 2020

Does your canine pal often bring you his favorite toy, in the hopes that you’ll play with him? Fido has some pretty adorable ways of requesting playtime. This is one area where you should definitely indulge your pooch. Playing is good for both you and your furry pal! Read on as a Lansing, MI vet lists some reasons to play with your dog every day. Exercise One of the most important reasons to play with … Read More »

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Preparing for a New Kitten

March 01, 2016

Have you decided to adopt a new kitten? Congratulations! Getting a new pet is a fun and exciting time. You’re starting out on a beautiful journey of love and friendship with your tiny furball. In order to get little Fluffy started out on the right paw, you’ll want to have everything ready for her in advance. Below, a local Lansing, MI vet discusses getting ready for a new kitten. Shopping Before you bring your adorable … Read More »